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The Core Policies of The Alliance For Change - Summary of Core Policies (for busy people)

Alliance For Change candidates who stood at the UK General Election, 5 May 2005 (from north to south):

  1. John Allman, Harrogate and Knaresborough, "Alliance For Change, human rights first" candidate - Election address leaflet - Email candidate
  2. Julian Fitzgerald, Leeds Central, "Alliance For Change:- Family : Environment : Society" candidate - Election address leaflet - Email candidate
  3. Ejiro Etefia, Bethnal Green and Bow, "Alliance For Change, restore people's freedoms!" candidate - Election address leaflet - Email candidate

General Election candidate Julian Fitzgerald's Amnesty For Families website about the Equal Parenting movement

Three identical websites [Christians Against Mental Slavery=Exodus Now=Ban Mind Weapons] about the international campaign against electomagnetic weapons

Livingston By-Election - candidate's election address leaflet - Deans South Tenants and Residents Association - Dunblane Abandoned

Cheadle By-Election - draft of candidate's election address leaflet - Human rights-based legal challenge to the Gender Recognition Act

The Inter-Parliamentary Union's Declaration on Criteria for Free and Fair Elections - The Electoral Commission

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